Urban Elephant Retreat Mission

UER1. to bring The Art of BIM to all the people who are currently suffering
from the every day challenges of life, stress, anxiety, overwhelm,
physical and emotional pain which is holding them back from knowing themselves
knowing their purpose and experiencing joy.

2. we wanted to find a way to support those who are already familiar with
the power of meditation but needed a reboot, a momentum change,
a beautiful reminder of the power hidden within them.

3. we were looking to help those who can not make it to our center
who are too far away or not physically able to travel

4. we were looking to help those who are in emotional crisis
to catch them before they have fallen to low, to bring them up
and to give them hope, the energy to rise and the tools to keep them going

5. to help those who are in overwhelm, searching, know that they need the help
but can’t find a place that feels right, inspires and supports them to move forward
and to grow

6. we are looking to inspire the ‘fast runners’ those who are years ahead,
and are already on the way to finding their purpose and happiness
but at some point their inner growth has slowed down
and now they need another push,
a new challenge to inspire their senses and their mind

7. for the every day man and woman who seem to be pushed
and pulled from all directions, to help bring back their sanity, their confidence
their self worth, their strength to be there for themselves and for their loved ones.

8. for many years it was very difficult to explain the benefits of BIM. We needed something more tangible,that people could actually be easily sharing with friends and loved ones, may be even using it as a reason to reconnect at a pure and higher purpose. Maybe even doing it together at home or inviting friends and family to join them from their own homes, from anywhere they may be in the world.

9. something that is attainable, something that anyone can say “I can do it”, make a commitment and stick with for only seven days, and really see the changes happen as they go.

10. and finally we needed an accessible program as a stepping stone to our deeper and more advanced programs.Advanced programs that can revolutionize ones life, that can give more then just a relief and a new momentum, but permanently help change and mold their awareness and outlook on life. Naturally these ‘Life Line Courses’ require a much bigger commitment and there fore before even considering everyone will require this ‘retreat’ to gain the taste of freedom, the taste of joy, the taste of this new inner light, the taste of a whole new mindset.

we have seen how energy can instantly change how you are feeling, help your digestion, your sleep and even heal your back pains and more…but when we are able to change the quality of the energy, we are also able to add meaning to our life and that is what we are aiming for.
and this ‘Meditation and Energy Retreat’ being the trampoline to help you find your inner light.