Urban Elephant Journal [basics]

UERMorning and Evening Reflections

I have just completed my morning meditation.
Here is what I will do first thing today:

My Three Momentum Activators:




I am ready to go to sleep now.
Here is What My Day Was Like:

The Things I That I Have Done Right:

The Things That I Could Have Done Better:


Here are some basics for our [urban elephant journal]

Morning Journal:

My three Inspirations:

For Self, For a Loved One, For a Stranger

Every story, presents three wishes
the three wishes are required as stages of growth
where you are building one wish on the top of the other
when you begin your day with manifesting these wishes
in that order, you will instantly open your energy
and feel a renewed freedom

The power of completion. It probably one of the most underestimated and under utilized known facts. it really does not matter how big or small your action is.

if you manage to complete it it will instantly boost your energy. if you leave it incomplete it will for ever, even after it is forgotten, often for years

continue being a drain on your system. those drains and in-completions add up…the moment of completion for an instant takes you to the source of energy.

this is the exact reason why many suggest dividing all big tasks into small projects, bite size action steps…just imagine the benefits.

The Evening Reflextions (just before you go to bed)

Here you write your daily reflections

First you are going to list the things that you have done right
on the other that you could have done better. On the good things you will simply

Acknowledge that you have done them right and wish to do them three times better.
and for the things that you could have done better, you simply reflect and say:

Yes, tomorrow I will do them better. The important thing is to write them out and self reflect. It is an ancient inner technique that will help you be free for the night. (one more thing: At the time of reflecting please frame your thoughts and observe your body.)

What kind of things do we reflect?

we scan our day, from the night back to the morning, I got angry at myself, at others, I helped someone or I ignored or judged someone. these really have to be things that your consider to be important and relevant that day.We are not looking for any more then how it is. No perfection just observation of our truths at that moment. It does not have to be perfect. Just like we do our meditations we accept things as they are. of course you will begin noticing your own patterns.

And yes both the energy, the meditations and the journaling, it will help you be more and more mindful through the day.

So we do it daily. We are building one day on the top of the other. and we observe our growth. carefully not to judge the outcomes just to observe them. and when catch yourself judging, expecting, comparing and being too powered or too disappointed, use it, embody it at that very instant and even these reactive thoughts have now served you well.