The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Twenty]


Advanced Healers Training Replay from August 1st 2016 (90 Minutes)

Click Here for MP3

We are so close, very close

On August 1 2016, the exact same day that we have begun our journey
there was another training at the Karma Secrets Academy,
Advanced Healers Training,
and I know that our advanced students will be happy
if you also shared their journey

it was a bit of the background story
of the creation of Emily and before we move forward
I wanted to share with you that recording with you today…

(we just added the music to this recording for you:))

Please Note:

This is a 90 minute training in total

if you are short on time today

there is a mediation which begins at minute 58 of this training

you will do fine to skip and you can listen to the rest at another time
the meditation which begins approximately at minute 58 is about 30 minutes