The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Twenty Point Five]



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in the fear of wasting your life away
you are searching for it everywhere
but it is nowhere to be found

well hidden within your journey
beyond your needs
higher than your immediate desires
you’re finally meeting your challenge

bringing water to a stranger
giving new life to a child
being loyal to those who walk with you
being kind to those who trip you

within the web of duality
overcoming the irrationality
you find your higher love
you know yourself


The Journey of Emily in ‘real life’
and Her As ‘The Third Elephant’ will continue…

Emily will soon discover that her Father left her
a short letter and a manual with Asaf…

Asaf, has used this same manual to develop special ‘powers’
and special sensitivity…

This is how he knew when ‘the time was right’

After her fathers death,
Emily heard his voice guiding her,
daily, mostly at night…

She would dream very often

She was The Third Elephant

The Field, The Lone Tree,
and her searching for her brother…

In ‘real life’, Emily’s Brother committed suicide
Her Dad died from a Liver disease
and Her Mom from Cancer

Slowly her passions could overcame her

but the day she meets Asaf
everything will change…

{{first}}, we will REFLECT another day

Today is a Bonus Day

Here is today’s assignment:

if all of the previous days (and meditations )
were to simply vanish
but you had a choice, and you could keep
only ONE DAY, ONE MEDITATION form the past 20 days
which one would it be?

Do this Meditation today:)