The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Twenty One]



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just in case you are wondering, this intro is 17 minutes long and you get to listen to an actual conversation…


‘It Shall (Will) Be As It Shall(Will) Be’

Who Is The Man In His Likeness
Who Is Giving Charity
Innocent Souls Unable To Speak

Give Me Time, Give Me A Hand (help me)
Give Me Value (worth) Of Just ‘One’ (13 in ancient numerology) ‘Glance’ (comes from the Ancient Root of the word ‘Promise’)

Come Back My ‘Soul’ (Ancient Root of ‘Breath’)
Come Back My ‘Love’ (13 in Ancient numerology)

When She Will Arrive
She Will Know (will Recognize) My Soul

The Truth

The Fear Of The Weak
The Bravery Of Those Who ‘Return’ (Ancient Root of ‘Answer’)

It Was My Luck
To Dream A ‘Dream’ (Ancient Root ‘To Come True’)
A Thousand (Ancient Root ‘Champion’, The ‘Best’) Dreams Within My Soul

Missing The Safety (Ancient Root to ‘Guard’) Of Your Body
My Beauty, A Dream I Have Dreamt

You Will Again ‘Return’ (Ancient Root ‘Receive An Answer’ ) Within Me

What Has Changed (what is Different, Ancient Root A ‘Year’) Tonight, From All Other Nights ?

That Tonight Is The Tenth Candle…

(Tenth Candle, Symbolic To The Highest Perspective, A State Of Enlightenment)


The guidance that was left for Emily came just on time

Emily had the Pain of her Past, Determination and the Genetic Passion…The Desire To Learn,
As This NEW Sense of Discomfort…Which she knew not of its source…
Everything Had To Aline For Her To Take This Next Step…


‘The Manual’ contained a simple Self Regulation Meditation Instructions. The Meaning of ‘Savlanut’
and a reference to an old scripture…
The Short passage repeatedly spoke of ‘PANIM’ and ‘PNIM’ to be the way to freeing the way to earn the rights
to ‘The Land’ you have been promised. ‘The Land’ has to be always taken care of or it will turn into ‘Wilderness’. You must be able to take care of and work the Whole Entire Land. Until then, ‘Others’ your enemy will occupy your land. But when you are Ready to take care of it all…I will expel them and drive them from Your Land…



Panim Ozen Ayn

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