The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Twelve]


Introduction (4 Minutes)

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We may be afraid to be free
to be free is to be able to love unconditionally

true love is the highest level of freedom
not the love we know, but the unconditional kind

meditation gives us that ability to be free
and that ability to love

we often love openly
and get hurt

that hurt, if we allow it can become a self-identity
a physical state that will over and over again sabotage
our ability to love and be loved

as that often hidden self-identity of not deserving love
or not being able to satisfy others and be good enough to love
will always override the ‘desire’ to be loved

and we would find our choices, decisions
and actions to contradict our deepest desire to be loved and love unconditionally

to overcome that old self-identity we need to expand the vocabulary of our senses

to have a greater physical sensation, definition for love than the one of our past,
which we could not overcome by any rational thought

love hurts and we do things to justify that it does

Each moment is born as new…
Each day is a lifetime for you…
light be reviled in your truth…
and never to doubt your eternal youth…

Welcome each challenge as more than a sign,
but a much-needed tool to grow and align…
with that, I here wish you the freedom to love…
for all that we bring you…
for all that we have

Today we will repeat the meditation from Day 11


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