The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Seventeen]


Introduction (4 Minutes)

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She could feel the water awakening every part of her body

She could feel her body coming alive

It was a form of RENEWAL

“Loving that which your loved one, Loves”
Is the way to Love

– Emily heard the Voice Saying

The greatest Respect you can give to someone
is to accept, and to love that which they do

Even if you may not agree or understand what it is

You accept it only because of your love for THEM

If you do not Love what your Loved One Loves
Your Love For Them Slowly Diminishes

As there may be many things that He Loves
which You may not…

If you continue Not to be Loving what He Loves
it will hurt your connection and your Love for Him

and Slowly it will cause You to Stop Loving HIM

If you ever hate the things that HE is doing
it will make you hate HIM

“But what if they are loving or doing something that I do not Agree with
or even doing something against the better good? Do you have to love that to? ”

– Emily thought to herself

You do not need to agree with what they do
to Love it.

Your Love For What they are doing Does not reflect
in Your ‘PRIDE’ of Right or Wrong.

You do not let it effect your judgement,
but simply restrict that love so it does not reflect
on Your Love for Him

You do not want to be caught in justifying
or rationalizing your Hate for what he does
This type of Kindness No Longer Works

It is unconditional as your mothers love

it says:

“The Wise Elephant Learns from ALL Elephants”

Each Elephant Has Something for You to Discover
and to Appreciate

Even if there was only one thing that they have ever done good
and they have done many

Say it out load, share it with others

The Tree as if Got Closer to Her


Dynamic Connection To The Body

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