The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Seven]


Introduction (4 Minutes)

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Emily knew that moving forward was
more than just looking at the grass below

more than just setting her feet down and not to be falling

there is a full history of events which shaped her life this far

that history could be empowered or be forgotten

could be that heavy bag of potatoes
which seems to get heavier every day
and holding her back


Her Past could just be that unfulfilled potential
which will carry her forward

she preferred the latter

Emily knew better than to rationalize her life

“Today I will give myself a better past”
-Emily declared out load

What was not so obvious about Emily
was that she spent one hour a day
in a complete opposite mindset

She would not eat or drink before that hour

as she didn’t want to replace the craving for inner growth
with the taste of food and water

but right after her rather unique practice

she would immediately have a glass of water
both, to clinch her thirst as to embody the flow

if possible, she would follow with a full body shower

Call it a ‘ritual’ but Emily did not skip a day in years

First thing in the morning, 30-60 minutes practice
followed by clear water and a good spray of her body

that was exactly how she moved
step by step

from Raui to Zakai

Giving herself a Better Past


Please Repeat Day Six Meditation


RA-UI – DESERVING – Root of ‘Being Seen’

ZAKAI – Being Worthy


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