The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day One]


Introduction (4 Minutes)

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‘SAVLANUT’- Patience
‘KETS’ – End (rigid/sharp)
‘Sof’ – End (expands)
‘Netskhia’ – Eternity

Meditation (30 minutes)

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Emily opened her eyes…

She was standing in a field of an unusually
tall grass…

grass and blue sky, as far as she could see…

She took a deep breath

Suddenly she heard a voice, ‘Emily!!!’

she turned her head, but the voice was
not really coming from any specific direction

she looked to her sides, behind her,
into the sky…

she even looked down at her feet,
but could not see a soul


the voice got even louder,

it reminded her of her father,
when he was trying to get her to pay closer attention

but the voice was soft and kind just as it was firm…

“Whatever you experienced, you will never forget
your life will guide you, and you will follow…

Whatever the elephant desires,
she will always be led to

But to receive it, she must have developed a quality
that no other animal in the jungle fully understands,
nor has experienced

They call it ‘SAVLANUT’, it means’ PATIENCE’…

Emily, you have come to this world to be Challenged,

Every Elephant who ever achieved greatness
as far as The Great Flood, and even The Paradise Jungle
had to stand up to her challenge…

but your Challenge Emily,
must never create suffering…

If you suffer the clouds will cover the sun
and day by day you will feel the darkness setting
this will make your body very, very ill.

SAVLANUT will help you Rise Above Time

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