The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Nineteen]


Introduction (5 Minutes)

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I did not even know her father that well
many years ago, when I just came to this country
before we opened our first restaurant

I got a part time job as a driver for a small furniture manufacturer
Her Dad was working there as a foreman

He didn’t have a car and I offered to drive him
he liked to talk…about everything, politics, music

I was a musician, before me and my brothers opened
a chain of restaurants back home, we talked for hours

One day he brought a notebook with him
and handed it to me, ‘take’ he said
it will do you good

it was all hand written, on a back of old phone bills
and other mail

He said that it took him one year to write this
and he wanted me to read it

I didn’t know what to say,

So i took it.

He said that he had visions
and had no one to share this with

I asked about his daughter and his son
and he got very quiet, and said that they were not ready…

I read it the very same day.
It was about 100 hand written pages
No corrections.Each letter as if was as if drawn

I must admit that I was reactant at first
but once I begun reading, I could not put it down

I never saw him again

I really do not know what happened to him
He just never showed up to work again

At the end of his manuscript he asked
that ‘when the time is right’
please find Emily and give this manuscript to her
no other details but a phone number

At first I didn’t know ‘when the time was right’
but what I’ve learned from this writing, changed something in me
and soon ‘the right time’ was obvious

I could never get used to this…but even though we have never met
she looked very familiar, and she was heading directly towards me

I owed her father my life, and this was the time to pay him back



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