The Journey of the 3rd Elephant [Day Eight]


Introduction (4 Minutes)

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Who am I ?

Am I simply the IMAGE which others can see?

She was only 6 years old
confronting her mother one morning

Momy Why did you name me ‘Emily’?

Why do you ask my darling?

I named you Emily after my favored Author

Way before you were born, I was fascinated by her life and her stories

Momy can I change my name?

I want to be named ‘Catherine’

Why Catherine my dear?

‘Catherine’ was another young Elephant
who was very popular among the Elephants her age
and Emily remembered how she thought that
if only her name was ‘Catherine’
others would notice her as well

From the very first moment we are born
our life is shaped by our surroundings

Secretly we want to be those

who are stronger

who are more popular and respected

those who are seemingly smarter

You could even hear some parents say:
why can’t you be like…
your sister, your brother, your niece

But when you grow up,
you may have these habits engraved so deep
into your subconscious

inspired by your environment
you continue trying to be like someone else

even succeeding on some level
but never discovering who YOU Are

Never Feeling Genuine in Your Being

Emily remembered the Ancient Chinese saying:

“Every important path begins by knowing the Ground Beneath Your Feet”

as it also could be translated to

“Every Journey of a thousand miles
begins by your taking the very First Step”

The Ancients recognized the power of ‘Knowing Yourself’
and the power of ‘Taking Action’

But only living in the external, impressionable world
trying to be like others, may not lead to either happiness nor health

Each Elephant is born Unique

Learning the ways of How
but not to be IMITATING
nor wishing the physical life of OTHERS

Only by being the Better Version of You
and Walking with Confidence towards that
can ever make you feel Complete
and on YOUR PATH

Emily knew that there was still work to be done


The path from ain to ani is one of the most important paths
to self identity in most ancient traditions.
from ”non excising” not knowing yourself
to discovering your worth, your uniqueness and your individuality
by reaching ultimate unity as within so with all…

today we inspire this ancient understanding
with the humble experience of basic inner keys

Derech Ain to Ani
ANi – “I”

AiN – “Non Existent”

DERECH – Road, Path.Way (as referred to both physical and spiritual)

YaShar – Direct, Honest

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