The Dynamic “I” of Your Future

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Welcome everyone, welcome

Wherever you are in the world, Live or on a replay

We are here at our Daily Karma Daily and Morning Meditation

and as always, as always, make sure if you are physically able

make sure to begin your meditation from a standing up posture

make sure that your eyes are closed, your hands and your arms are free to your sides

and you are listening, listening to your body, listening to your thoughts

listening to your entire being….

(As you are reading these words

We are here as one, unite by our greatest and highest denominator our Intention.)

First I want to congratulate you for being here,

it is a step forward, and whatever strength you have to have to be here today

sometimes you may not feel like waking up

early in the morning

to do the meditations

sometimes it is not as simple as it sounds

to stand up, to close your eyes

but you are here, nevertheless

you are here because there id that internal voice that has said

that you need to be here today

something that is said

it is worth making this effort

that there is a greater reward for doing so

but let us for a moment look at why and how we can take this moment and be

extremely successful at it

today we will use our meditation to take out that initial force

that initial drive

because we will agree that each and every key, every command that we are repeating inwards

has a certain power in the intention

in the command

and let our body to guide us through

literally let go

or else we are still putting pressure

and expectation on each inner key

of course we are not achieving that freedom that it requires for our body to guide us

the same way I would like today to remind us and energetically to embody

the same kind of freedom from the meditation as a whole

in other words being here today, arriving, closing your eyes and being ready to do what it takes

in this half an hour to allow yourself to be guided, that is the initial inner key, that is the only force that is needed, and from this point on, no more force, no more judgement or criticism

once you arrive and close your eyes, let it come to you,

there is nothing anymore that you must have, or do or achieve

no more obstacles from this point on

most of our goals and our plans are constrained even not achieved, are constrained equally because of that pressure we put on our self, and we do not even realize that we are doing this

that pressure comes from that conscious and even unconscious thought, that you make it happen

but not the you from the past,

what will make this happen even better than you ever expect is the ability of of the you of the past to become the you of the future

so the energy that you require to achieve, whatever that goal may be,

that goal may and should be dynamic to allow the energy of the future to mold it

to realine it, and you can’t receive the energy of the future through force

that “I” needs to make the effort, the “I” of the past
the self identity of previous experiences

The self identity of the horizontal challenges, and limitations

of the ‘old’ mind of the ‘old’ spirit of the old misunderstanding

and especially at the moment of meditation we need to work with the ‘I’ of the future, uncontained, Unlimited, Unbound, Fee Dynamic “I”

but the mechanism of that is simple, the concept seems to be more complicated

so here we are, we are going to become conscious on the limitations we put on ourselves when we are setting goals

We are going to become conscious of the limitations we are putting on ourselves the moment we set goals

we are going to become conscious of the limitations we have put on ourselves before the meditation today

We are going to redefine the “i “in every inner command that we will in a moment begin empowering ourselves with

our unlimited possibility whether it is some physical goals that made you come into this moment

made you come into this meditation, turn on that light , stand up and close your eyes

whether those are emotional needs, mental needs or some achievements

we will leave them all behind, as today we will rediscover a new “I”

an “I” of a beginner, and “I” of a state of a child, relatively to your own future

Relative to your higher potential, an innocent “I”

I’m sure you have heard of “Beginners Luck”,
it is working so well as you have no responsibility of being or knowing or of being
but the responsibility of giving your 100%
and opening up to the energy of the future to guide you through

because we do not really know

no pressure of knowing

not from freedom yourself not from your environment

no expectations no pressure and somehow it seems to work

you do not know how

the exact same things in our meditations we want to experience the “I” of tomorrow

the “I” of the future

lets invite this thought lets make it real

lets add it to the vocabulary of our physical sensations

this amazing concept of the future “I”

but it no longer is a concept, but the moment you embody this, it has a sense

almost like talking about being on water

what does it take internally,

what kind of internal experience you must have

to know what it feels like to be on water

the same here,

there is a level of the “I” of the future, of your own future

which we are reshaping that allows us to more freely move within time and space

“I want to receive a lot of energy to shed the pressure of the past and resonate the “I” of the future…and fill my head and my neck”

(we include all the components of everything we said and more)

” I want to receive a lot of energy to let go of my limitations of the past and resonate the “I” of the future, of my dynamic future and fill…”

…make sure you use the thoughts which arrive in the right way, make sure that you ask yourself, what kind of sensation what kind of movement what kind of internal symphony made this be…