State Of Stress And Anxiety: Cup Half Full And Half Empty

My name is Erik Valdman and today I want to talk to you about cup half full and the cup half empty and I’m going to relate cup half full and the cup half empty with your state of stress and anxiety and how you see your world

So let’s begin this is how it works we’re all familiar with the cup is half full and the cup is half empty

We know we’ve been taught that the cup full if what we want

want the cup half full is really all all experience everything you did already have, everything that you already understand, and the question is where do you go from here?

Literally to the empty

Now the half-empty it’s truly not what it’s perceived to be.

Empty is what’s perceived to be your true potential

It’s what perceived to be your true desire and this is where true growth is

Half empty is the gap that creates the potential that inspires you to move forward.

They are Equally beneficial to our life the cup will always be half full and half empty

Number Two

The same cup half full and half-empty, the moment we understand that the the half empty and half full are both equally important in our life one creates the gap and opportunity the unfulfilled potential that we have inside and the other one shows us our experience and knowledge and what we already have.

Equally important so naturally we start receiving and filling up the cup we are learning

We’re growing here is another truth, this moment of growth GOING from empty into full gives us what we call joy

Joy in life happens not at the Full level, joy in life actually happens on the journey from the full through the empty into the top.

This journey is really what brings us true joy.

Now this is not the end this is just the beginning. Very often when we fill our cup to the rim guess what happens?

You need to find yourself in the place where there is enough empty to fill. Their needs to be some challenge.

There needs to be some some goal in front of you something that you desire but don’t have yet.

So what do people usually do?

It’s called sabotage. We literally take out from the container we just filled we create somehow, more empty so we can fill it back again and experienced joy, we do it all the time everyday.

Therefore its ‘s surprise. life has ups and downs,you know it’s a cycle that never ends and we stuck between those two, because we never grow up

Number Three

Number three is different. It’s again the same cup half full or half empty.

We recognize, already, the only joy received from Life is the movement from not having to having

The movement in the empty the movement from the low of the mountain to the top of the mountain that’s the process of the actual journey.

In the process not the top because we just recognized in the in the previous example that when we reached the tot we need the empty again.

So what do we do to ensure that we don’t have to sabotage ourselves?

We expend our self-identity, expend ourselves. You grow your cup and guess what happens when you grow your cup?

Filled drops down and it creates the empty again, creates the opportunity for joy again without self sabotage and when we reach the top what we do again? we grow the cup filled drops down and we again have a gap so we can
feel good about ourselves.

We now recognize the cup half full or half empty are equal partners, one is the experience that you have to move forward.

The unfulfilled potential that you have inside, you realize as you feeling the cup you are really experiencing joy.

You can’t experience joy in half full, you can’t experience joy in the full

You can experience joy only on the journey in this gap in the emptiness.

In the number 2 the moment you reach the top you have no choice but to sabotage

In number three we recognize the only way to not sabotage yourself the only way to continue growing into joy in your life is to feel that your stress and anxiety are literally melting away as you’re moving forward ,no matter where you are no
matter how big the cup is no matter how full it is, no matter how much you have.

Elimination of stress and anxiety is the true growth, now if you want to know how I see growth what are the things I do for my own growth what are the things I teach to my students, how to work with inside to experience growth not to be pushed into growth but to choose growth.