Re: RITUALS [Meditation Mindsets Mastery]

Photo by Olivier Fahrni


We are ready to begin this exciting journey together

and the first thing that I can think of,
is the power of ‘Good Rituals’…
Do you brush your teeth in the morning?
Brushing Teeth is more than just a simple habit or a commitment
Brushing teeth is a perfect example to a perfect ritual !:)

To ensure future success, we install good rituals in children
before they could even understand the true value of these actions
No matter how smart we are and how much intention we have
our mind will always be in a protective reactive mode

(we will talk about that in a bit more detail
in our Bonus Material)
So even as Adults, over thousands of years,

(before clocks, Sunrise and Sunset was a guide)

if we look back at our own lives,
and at those, we know very well
I think we can agree,
that if we wanted to really achieve a long term success,
(to prevent a big chance at a counter intuitive, self-sabotage!)
we need a Good Ritual!

this Monday, we will begin an exciting journey
( 3X ) Meditation Mindsets Mastery

over the next 30 days, you will be waking up to a brand new
5-10 minute Meditation

you will be encouraged to repeat that same meditation
two more times, that same day…

Tomorrow, you will also find a one-page feedback form
that will help you member your inner state each day

a Sundays this coming month, we will have an opportunity
to come together as a group and share some of our experience
as get some of our questions answered, and help others progress
we will also set a few personal appointments for YOU
where we will look at the most relevant mindsets that we covered
and run a parallel to how this new expansion of your vocabulary of senses
can and will help empower and inspire you inner and outer experience

we will try and look at real life situations, as they come true
in the Order of Things and Become Reality


1. please decide in advance, when you will be doing your 5-10
interval meditation

a. on a weekend and/or a holiday
b. during a regular day

the best way to start creating a good Ritual is to ‘ATTACH’ the Action
to an already excising regular practice.
such as : Brushing teeth, Drinking Water, Getting out of bed,
even going to the washroom…

another way is to simply use your cell phone,
or another alarm and preset the exact times of your practice
and keep it ‘ongoing’

2. if you miss one, just find another time for it
this is a journey, drop by drop and no extra stress is needed
the exact opposite may be true, the more stress you already have
the more you need to incorporate these moments of freedom
energy and freedom into your day

3. please use the form ‘Reflections’ to make a quick
note of your experience

(you can also use audio, video or another device, whatever may be easier for you)

so here we go, first thing in the morning the NEW MEDITATION
will be posted in [DAY ONE]