Re: {I Speak In Silence} Urban Energy Retreat

Dear Friends, we are finnaly ready…

{I Speak In Silence} Urban Energy Retreat

this retreat was suppose to begin this Monday

but will be moved to begin on

Thank you, if you already sent your information
you will be receiving the {Re-Kindle Mandala}
early next week…

The {Re-kindle Mandala} is a symbolic representation
of your Energy Connection, the OVERLAP
between YOUR Energy and the Energy of the person
you chose to re-connect with…

Mandalas are often seen as a way to embody the PATH
of inner development…

They are also seen as an IMPERMANENT and their only function
is the inspiring of new self identity in the process of self reflection

The first time that I have seen a Mandala I believe was 2001
it was during a Healing session with one of the students…

I suddenly sow a LIGHT radiating from her seventh chakra
but that light was encompasses in sphere like structures

these structures were layered and constantly moving
in a circular motion around the centre…

these perfectly spherical shell like structures where all different
and only allowed some of the light to resonate from its centre

in their movement the light which was coming through
reminded me of the Mosaic like pictures of the MANDALAS
but there was no permanence in the image created
and the picture was never repeated twice…

I recently sow these Mandala like structures when I was reconnecting
with my DAD…

In the past three months I discovered something very important…
the REALITY which we face EVERY Single Day is clouded by ‘past adiction’
we could never rationalise these feelings as they often originate from our far past
a miss understanding ,a deep sense of guilt and shame which like to have occurred
in our relation to a parent, a sibling, a guardian, a teacher…
someone who had to be in close karmic connection…

Addicted to the pain inflicted on you as a child, now is a part of your NORM
a self identity which requires us to reconnect and re frame the old hurt,
from a new light, a new perspective and a new self identity…

Before joining the retreat, you will be asked to clearly decide
who you would like to Re-Kindle your relationship with

These Personal Mandalas – Are the Energy map to inspire
your individual experience…

Touch them, As the movement of a brain wave, as the dance of the body
In the Language of the Senses Of your common energy path…

We will be working with the truth at the energy level
as the pain is deep in your body and it is there where we will find it…

We will take Seven Days

First we will build our tools,
then we will Re-Kindle

Trust yourself to know who you would like to Re-Kindle with
the process, as much as it is intended to re-connect with a loved one
it is also the ‘formula’, the ‘unique’ inspiration to raise the bar on your
personal growth, from a place which the Conscious Mind could never accept…

Are you finding yourself repeating the exact same ‘mistakes’
finding yourself in very similar situations,with the same or different people
even though you already know of the ‘negative’ outcomes well in advance
but seem to be unable to change your ways?

Are you finding yourself reactive,in deep pain and guilt even though
you have logically resolved these questions long ago?

Are you still trying to forget or forgive someone,
who may not even know or clearly understand how much they have heart you?

Are you feeling guilty about saying, doing or not doing something in the past
relationship with your loved one?

Is there someone in your life who you desire to strengthen
your relationship with, who you may not be able to confront
or they are no longer present with us?

As we are unconsciously are addicted to the past and if and when
the subject would be logically addressed, it would feel as if our
life is simply not worth the change required and we would act against it
block it from our mind…

In the past few years,

We have used some of this work to help Parents ‘silently’
inspire their children

We have used this work to help rekindle relationship with a parent
who could no longer respond to words

We have brought love and respect back to married couples
and between siblings

We have even used some of these methods to Re-Kindle a relationship
with a parent who my student NEVER MET…

I have recently seen my Dad go through a reflection of a similar kind
as I did in my personal Re-Kindling experiences in the past few years…

I would like to share all that I have learned with you, not just in words
but in PRACTICE…

A dedicated retreat will bind us all in with one purpose
and in one direction…literally, leaving us no choice, no justifications and
‘forcing’ ourselves to ‘silently’ uncover and resolve our hidden inner secrets

and we will do just that during these seven days
{I Speak In Silence} Urban Energy Retreat

hope all this makes sense to you…

this retreat is only open for advanced students

If you understand the value
and do feel that you have a Re-Kindling experience

please call Michelle at (416) 410-1290

or simply replay ‘YES’ to this e-mail

and I will send you ‘Four Questions’ to help you decide
on the ‘Person’ to best Re-Kindle with…

Some of us may feel that we want to work with our ‘Far Past’
others may feel that ‘Recent Past’ would be a stronger inspiration

with respect

Erik Valdman

Oh yes, {I Speak In Silence} Urban Energy Retreat
$ 347 plus HST (if you are taking this from Canada)

Please note:
if you are taking the Urban Elephant Journey and/or
Advanced Healers Training you will receive $100 scholarship
towards this retreat

As soon as we receive your ‘YES’

I will know to send you your questions
and then create your Personal MANDALA

please respond as soon as you know that you are ready
which will give me some time to work on your MANDALA

We officially begin MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 2015