elephant book

Introduction (4 Minutes)

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Step after after step after step

in the Heat of the Day

It takes a bit of Knowing Yourself
to take even the simplest of Journeys sometimes

She has been waking for hours

but here TREE did not seem to get any closer

Emily could recognize her Body Sensations

Tightening in the chest and in the throat

Light Headed

‘Slight Irritation’

I am just being a true Elephant, she smiled to herself

Emily has become an expert at these body signs

just because she overcame the toughest of journeys

one would think that it came without pain

it was not the lack of pain that brought Emily back home into safety


First is was Knowing that ‘EVERYTHING HAPPENED FOR A REASON’


Ss there is no journey that does not challenge you
and there was no reason for the body react any different

Emily was simply observing her body signals

She did not need to justify

‘If the horizon wants to move away from me’ she thought to herself

than I have not made enough steps to get there yet

the simple Knowing that as long as she kept Walking
she could not make a mistake was LIBERATING

She still remembers the days when she would try a Rationalize

“Maybe I’m not walking fast enough”

“Maybe I didn’t calculate the distance right”

“Maybe it was an illusion”

“Maybe I do not deserve to get to there”

“Maybe is is dangerous, and I’m being protected”

“Maybe I’m being punished for not being a worthy Elephant”

“Maybe I’m not good enough”

“Maybe I do not need to get there”

Those would have been just a few of her thoughts…

The Journey was the ONLY experience to have

NO justifications were needed for that

Just KNOWING that

Everything that the Elephant ever Desired Would be Given To Her

Some call it FAITH or BELIEF

but whatever it was, it helped her Recognize her Body Signals
and observe them as they melted away

Emily was not simply Giving away her power to something bigger than her
She just knew that SHE was bigger than her Challenge

RA-UI – DESERVING – Root of ‘Being Seen’

ZAKAI – Being Worthy


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