Q&A : The Energy and The First Experience

Here is one of the e-mail we have just received from Bin and he agreed to share both the questions and the answers with you:

Hi Erik,

I just finished my first meditation by my own. I was very surprised that I had the similar experience as we did together last Saturday and Wednesday night. I felt the energy flowed inside my body, my body had different movements, my arms were swinging and sometimes felt some kind of emotion coming out from my inside. Amazing experience!

Any also I have some questions want to ask:

1. When we meditated together, you raised your energy level and our body sensed the vibration and raised our own energy level, then the body showed different postures. But when we meditated by my own, what raised my energy level, your voice in the audio or my body energy level raised by itself when i am relaxing/freedom?

Erik Valdman:
(A) From the very first energy experience we had together, the channel of ‘Self Regulation’ has been open and enhanced. YOUR sensitivity and ability to receive energy from that point on, is naturally rising. You are now able to, step by step receive your own energy at the levels we achieved together in class. The guidance which you are receiving from me, is helping you to better and better the technique of both raising the energy and learning how to work with the energy ,inner keys, and self regulation to help the body and system.
(B) The Body will always change postures and sensations according to your unique inner needs. Some will resemble familiar sensations, others will be completely new. There is an incredible wisdom within us, using the new energy and proper mindsets we are able to bring this into life. We just let it happen and observe to connect with the experience.
(C) When listening to the Audio Guide Meditation,it actually caries some of my energy. Listening to the Recording makes it much easier for you to connect to energy and to grow. In a Live Experience in class, our energy continues to adjust to each other, both mine and yours are changing…when you are listening to my recording, my energy is fixed, remains always the same, and only yours is re adjusting.

2. When my body started to move/swing/shake, sometimes it was hard for me to tell what was the driver. Was the body telling me to shake and i was following (Self Regulation) or my mind telling the body to shake (Minded Regulation)? Is my feeling common?

Erik Valdman:
There is no separation within you. It is all you. Even if you are not sure, just follow through and you will be shown more…

3. There were some thoughts came into my mind during my meditation, such as what should i cook for lunch, i forgot my where is my cellphone. How do we deal with those random thoughts?

Erik Vlaldman:
Thoughts are just as important experience of meditation as movements and sensations. Thought are just as movements and other sensations have a role to inspire our next step. We may have heard that thoughts are not desired during meditation, but remember, in our meditation we work with TRUTH, if there is a thought, that is the TRUTH of that moment. When there is NO Thought, that will be the truth. We accept both equally.

What we do not want is to expand these thoughts any further than we need. So as soon as you catch yourself in that thought, ask yourself the question : what body sensation is connected to that thought, and simply go back to observing your body. Remember: You can not be wrong. Just trust what you sense. Trust what you are experiencing. And never doubt just follow the quiet experience as you would the more expressive. They are equally important.

4. After the meditation, I felt my legs tired. Does it mean the 30 mins meditation too long for me?

Erik Valdman:

It is not too long. 30 minutes is not too long for anyone!:) There could not be too much of this work unless it interferes with your daily life. The purpose of our mediation is to help us awaken the gifts, the wisdom which we have inside and to bring it into the healing and into every single life experience. But we meditate for Life. Not for escaping Life. The tiredness of the legs may indicate many other things. one would be the need to experience that ‘tiredness’ like, sensation. But not to fight it. To except it. I know that the moment you accept that sensation, it will change. You may also find in other meditations that your body could get heavy, or your head could get heavy, or your arms could get heavy. Just observe and let that heaviness lead you. It may be guiding you down to the floor. So let it. Remember: the Standing Posture is just the Beginning posture, you are encouraged to be free and let your body decide what is best, standing or down on the floor. But even on the floor, do not rush into a posture, but listen carefully, to how w=and were you are being guided. Without judgement, accept, and open to be surprised.

That is all for now.

Thanks again for bringing to the energy meditation world.


Thank you Bin for your great questions.They will help everyone.