My Second Meditation – Basic Seven Keys [audio mp3]

This meditation begins the steps of the mind being a bit more than just an observer.

It is based on using the very natural, your inner voice.
We don’t often recognize how unless it is a protective reactive movement
we literally are using our inner voice to command our body into action.
and almost magically our body responds, as there was this magic button we have pressed
and know exactly, without our interference how to activate all the hidden systems within
and give us the results which we are after. It knows to raise our arm, to activate and stimulate
from the smallest neurons to the muscles and get the arm to rise.

As our mind is set to protect from danger, this is the exact action it will take
unless we are self aware, and after years and generations of reactive protective
we actually require to relearn what it means to be using our mind
in the exact opposite from protective reactive to constructive intuitive direction.

We will begin this process by first simply learning to apply the “inner keys”
there are three stages to applying these “inner keys”…

first stage is Giving an Internal command
second not overriding the command
third allowing the action to happen with higher connection
fourth observing the experience

If physically able, regardless of the level of your fatigue…
please begin this meditation from a standing up posture…
when completely free, the body will know to guide you further…

Today we learn to work with three basic concepts:

1. Inner Commands (INNER KEYS) Using your inner voice just like an “Internal Remote Control”
2. Inner Freedom : Thoughts, Breath, Body, Emotional Expression and more…
(NO “BUT”, overriding commands)
3. Additional Energy

“Lucky are those who can easily tell the difference between being relaxed and feeling tired.”

Here is the basic inner key:

I Want to Receive A Lot of Energy and Fill:

1. My head and my neck
2. My hands, arms and shoulders
3. My chest
4. My upper abdomen
5. My lower abdomen
6. My legs and feet
7. My whole body, head to toes, top to bottom of my spine

the guided audio meditation is more then just guided keys, it has the recorded live, bio-vibes vibration which can often help take you further.

seven keys
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