Monday Class July 31st [Video Replay]

this LIVE REPLAY begins with an interesting introduction on
why BIG Hearted people are also those who tend to have the most stress, shame, and self-criticism

[14:22] we did a ‘sitting’ and a ‘movement’ self-regulation meditation

[54:40] we get some feedback from our students at home and at the Danforth studio and answer important questions about ‘Self-Regulation’ and how to best receive energy and the ‘Meditation Mindsets’ for ‘Growth’

[1:45:38] we were finally looking at how we see ourselves and others through the Horizontal VS a more Vertical LENS
and how our WORDS can make or break many relationships,
close and open many doors into the future as the possible reason
for chronic stress and illness

If you are to go a bit deeper into the practice of ‘Self-Regulation’
here is where you can begin (this page gives you a Video with all the beginner instructions and your very first meditation)

Awaken Your Hidden Potential

In this series of live events, you will be introduced to “Life Line Karma”, “The Formula for Success”, “Karmic Screens”, and the most natural way to Awaken Your Inner Hidden Potential.