[Monday Class] August, 27th, 2018 [VIDEO and AUDIO Experience]

Urban Elephant Journey Monday Class with Erik Valdman

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at the toughest moments of our life, those moments where emotions are high
when we are most challenged by physical, mental or emotional stress
those are the moments when we are also most open to growth, and transformation
but at the same time, most vulnerable to try and condition control and limit our own efforts

here is the meditation from our latest Monday Class
where we reached amazing energy and used very powerful transformational keys
to help us empower and expand our state of being

Here is our Intro and post-meditation reflections(85 min)

Here is the Meditation [Do not Know to Desire] (37 min)

In this series of live events, you will be introduced to “Life Line Karma”, “The Formula of Success”, “Karmic Screens”, and the most natural way to Awaken Your Inner Hidden Potential.