Meditation Mindsets [Day Three]

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

The Body as ONE

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We often do not even know it. Even that which may seem very simple to see. But it has become a limiting mindset that we have adopted as our truth.

No matter what we learn and understand it has been engraved in the self-identity. At the very basic levels of the sensations. As a symphony in the body. using Meditation Mindsets we seamlessly add more sounds to the old Symphony.

As we open our eyes, our world looks just that much different…we have taken a new step beyond survival.

As everything that we see is a reflection of the relationship that we have with self, this renewed and embodied perspective of resonating your body as ONE but not forgetting the importance of its separate parts, becomes as a new vail lifted, a reflection of self, of others, of our past and of our future as we’ve never experienced before…a brand new inspiration in everything we encounter as our reality from this moment on.