King Solomon [Family Karma] LIVE

Welcome To Our Training!!

When: Wednesday, July 20th 2016
Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm Eastern Time

Please be patient we will do our best to begin video streaming at 7:30 pm Eastern Time
if for some reason the Video will not be streaming we will go to Audio Player as a back up at 7:55 pm


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It is a BRAND NEW Family Karma Course and is an advanced course
it was last taught in part, a few years ago to a very select group of students

Today, you are invited to take it with us

(This course is NOW also available LIVE Online!)

We will be using King Solomon magic

We will be learning how to overcome our own limiting beliefs and logic
but not to replace them with OTHER Peoples ‘limiting beliefs’ but to
awaken our Karmic Potential…

There are three stages to this program
and the first two stages you have already covered
you are on a positive momentum,

and this momentum is what can make this next step so much more powerful

We will begin by organically and dynamically reprogramming the self and than
to acquire the power of influence others but not through force but through inner driven inspiration.

You have made it this far with us, and that it why you get the opportunity to take this one step further

this e-mail is actually intended to make sure that
if you are joining us,you think hard about the outcomes
as you must recognize the power that you will have over others
and with this power comes responsibility!

We will be using the stages we have covered this far:

1. Connection to energy

2. Self regulation

3. Inner Remote Control

4. Dynamic Mindsets

5. Vertical Information (Return Energy)

6. King Solomon Spheres (Beauty and Harmony)

7. Sharing Energy with Others ( Safely)

The First Step will be improving the sensitivity for the Sphere of King Solomon
Then Create a Give and Give Relationship and begin planting ‘Seeds’ (Wishes)
as good ‘farmers’ and ‘humble’ beings, we again learn and practice to give nature the freedom to activate them for us.

The next Step is tapping into deep Karmic Depth which we all have towards our ‘opposite sex’ . The relation between Men and Women is the ultimate ‘opposite’ which gives life within you (hormones).

That difference creates possibility of continuity of race (children) But it also drives every single decision you are making. Your relationship to your family, parents, children,siblings…as to friends and strangers…

the hidden elements of unfulfilled karma between the two sexes is currently the reason of most Inspiring Achievements as Illness.

There is no real way around it. And we can work with it directly.

So the next step is learning to share this energy (safely)
and by ‘Giving’ to ‘Receive’ !!

We will work both, with those who are in your life today
as with the Karma of past ancestry.

The truth is ,that I have long learned, that it will not help me a bit
if I will be doing what everyone else are doing,
I will simply get what they are getting..

So be different.

a author and a visionary, Seth Godin, once said:

“The book that will change you the most, is the book you write”

This is an invitation to ‘write your own book’ !

The work we will be doing from now on, is not only for you
as your ability grows, so is your energy and influence on others,
the life and the Karma…

I can tell you that you Can Do It.

but you must not only believe in me to lead you there,
but also believe in YOU to get there with us

What is holding people back is often not their fear of failure
but to be faced with a recognition that
‘you are not as good as you thought you are’ !

This is why so many people are still hurting.