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Thursday,March 1 , 2012 9:00- 11:00 pm (Eastern Toronto Time)

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  • Phil and Shirley H January 13, 2012, 1:45 am

    The peace and contentment experienced throughout this meditation has remained since last week. It’s beautiful to see as part of my daily living. Tenderness is in my heart and mind. The world I witness is softer and I’ve noticed I feel more naturally connected to others. Best way to describe it. I’m seeing everyone as special, even strangers, and enjoy whatever exchange we may have. I place value on our connection. My communication carries new elements of joy and I see how it affects others in positive ways. It’s been an inspiring week. It’s been fun reflecting at energy changes. Certainly some challenges have come up. Yet I’m aware in the background of my mind contentment is residing. It is nice. Very grateful.
    I’ll highlight some of the meditation. My experience was strongest when I sensed/felt the brightness – here I was most free and saw I was all of this – the 10/the light is me. The first time in total darkness left me overwhelmed with fear in letting go of the light. Then I realized nothing has really changed at all – I am the watcher – & it is only dark. Instantly I was content and confident as I embraced both.
    The room experience with the light of the 4th helped me recognize my ever growing strength, confidence, and faith by my side. Here I gained trust knowing I am free to express my own sound.
    With the 4th and 7th coming together both light and darkness continued to give equal peace and contentment.
    Finally under the light of the 7th people began entering the room and the joy of connecting and greeting everyone was exceptional. I loved them on sight – much happiness simply in saying hello/shaking hands/giving hugs. With open heart I realized I could fly and did. In circular patterns in an upward spiral I noticed as I approached the top of this beautiful ceiling that I would never reach the top as it kept elevating upwards too. At any height or time I was free to look out through openings in the walls and view the landscapes of earth. Most noticeable again was the peace and contentment touching my awareness. Many thanks Erik. Shirley