How can we help the victim of violence(either verbal, emotional or physical) and the violent person him/herself from energy flow perspective?

The Question:

From : Joyce

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your time to think and share the answer with us. I do not have any concerns and definitely feel it’s good to share.

To elaborate a bit for the similar environment I actually worked for, the female boss, cracked the whip and tried to catch up the financial report six months behind the schedule. It’s been like this for at least five years and she’s expecting the new employees to help her catch up immediately. I witnessed one of her male subordinates was so panic that he couldn’t even think and speak anything. I also felt the extreme tension so long as she’s there. The environment with her was like a silent terror. It was easily to trigger my anger. As a reflection, what I should’ve done when I don’t have courage to speak up or simply quit the job.

The good and sad thing is that she suddenly died of brain aneurysm just several months ago while working with a frustrating accounting procedure with her panic employee. We all clearly know that she’s also a victim of her own created reality but it seems that nobody could help her. As a reflection, how we could’ve helped her earlier? She left with a 7-year old deaf daughter and a 10-year old son, plus a pending divorce file. Imagine the stress she had!!

I also recalled a famous psychology experiment – Stanford prison experiment. How come a good person quickly become evil even when he knows it’s just a role playing for six days. In that case, how can we quickly wake up and keep our mind awake that we should not be subject to the new restrictions.

In short, how can we help the victim of violence(either verbal, emotional or physical) and the violent person him/herself from energy flow perspective?

I saw some enlightened person did connection with the audience by pausing and being silent before he/she tried to respond to them. I am curious how they do that and what they actually do.

Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate it very much.

The Answer

Thank you for you Joyce for your question.

You are a current student in our Karma Secrets Academy, so Today I will be answering for you and all who have been on a long spiritual path, otherwise this answer could turn into a “Doctorate of Karma and Energy”.

So, here we go. Before we ‘think’ of helping anyone, we must remind ourselves that in line with today’s evolution of humanity, under ‘normal’ circumstances (such that you’ve presented in your question)any emotions,thoughts,words or actions are a direct reflection of the person’s need to be respected, heard,appreciated and ultimately loved.

The need to be respected and loved comes from a much deeper, unconscious place. That is where we have a hidden (even for us) purpose to discover our uniqueness and individuality and share it with everyone.

Up until not to long ago ,that inner drive, to discover and know the self, was only a survival need for the ‘lucky’ few, and as it is the most difficult uphill climb, not even a consideration for many.

So even though the outer world may have looked somewhat similar, the inner world of each individual was more likely to guide them towards trying to fit in, be and be accepted and recognized because you are ‘similar’ to others, but not different. It was a safe option. Those who felt the need to express their uniqueness and individuality where either ‘rebelling’ against the system or wanted to stand out to feel ‘above’ others.

As most people are afraid of change and new, and may have a hard time to accept the ‘unique’ as there is no ‘safety’ measures in the past to relate that new to, often the only way to feel accepted is to ‘force’ your opinion on others, through different forms of violence and intimidation.

(not to confuse change and growth, which may look very similar to the observer)

The less secure you are feeling inside, the more reactive and violent your emotions, thoughts, words and actions will be. (all having but one purpose, to be heard)

Life situations are a definite trigger for those inner fears and reactive states, though life situations are not the true reason for them.

As energy comes first, first you are jealous, insecure, anxious, stressed, angry and afraid and then inevitably you find something to be angry and afraid of in your past, at home, at work, with yourself or with others. As the other option is of course to use each of these same life triggers as inspirations for your growth, the only difference is energy. the only way to be at that energy state is dedicated practice.

When and if you are facing someone who is more angry and violent than you, your ‘victim’ position may be the best second choice. Securing your sanity, you find the blame the others, the world, the times, even your Karma.

‘Leading by example’ may be possible in the family situation. Work environment may or may not allow you to be yourself, so ‘helping others’ as ‘changing the world’ may have to begin with self, expanding it to family and close friends. Choosing a job that allows you to do that may be a good option. It will not be easy. Self employment may be the other choice.

Understanding this may help you ‘survive’ by better understanding where people are coming from. First you may catch yourself not being reactive to them, and later you may try to create a ‘safe’ environment for them, buy listening to their opinions, by choosing your words to not offend their position.

But all that I’ve mentioned above are good at the ‘intellect’ information levels. Since you are asking about the ‘energy’ level. Then the only way for you to ‘help’ yourself and others is to be able to be ‘free’ yourself. That is the journey that we are taking here together. Any other advice would at most be short term solution, as it will create a further tier between your sense of ‘inner being’, ‘fairness’ and even ‘justice’ with your intellectual understanding. Any external form will only be a ‘solution’ if it matches the energy path of the ‘order of things’.

so as we have been working through the

1. ORDER OF THINGS – Karma => Emotions => Thoughts => Physical => Actions <= > REALITY
2. The Thee ELEPHANTS – Survival Elephant => Beyond Survival Elephant => Karmic Elephant
3. The Karmic Spheres – Personal Karma => Family Karma => Karma of Nation => Karma of Humanity
4. Stages of Awareness – Unconsciously Unconscious => Consciously Unconscious => Consciously Conscious
5. Stages of Love – for Self Alone => For Self for Others => For Others

With dedicated and inspired inner work, these challenges, and obvious states of ‘conflict and Duality ultimately become the necessary help, guide us redefine our middle ground, redefine our purpose, and keep us moving forward.

With all the good intentions but without proper inner practice we simply compile more and more ‘life experience’ that ultimately brings us down.

Ultimately Life greatest happiness and greatest disappointments are hidden in the tension and growth withing the existing or non existing relationships between a man and a woman. (both for basic Survival as continuity of Human Race as for Personal Growth, Awareness and Joy of Living)

Hope this helps.