From A Spiritual Cell to Solving Insomnia

012_12In a recent presentation which Erik Valdman gave to his inner circle of students he was asked of what keeps him going for so many years, and what are the big projects which he was working on at this time.

The first thing that Erik stated that he is not a doctor and can not make claims of medical nature, at the same time as many of us he is on a spiritual journey to better understand his emotions, his mind and his body. He researches, shares and practices his findings on the levels of bio-energy, unified fields of energy, using the power of the mind from within.

Apparently, the one mystery which Erik Valdman is currently working on is understanding cancer cells. In the early 2000’s, he introduced the topic of cancer in a then course on How the Spiritual Cell has gone bad. The goal was to solve Stress, Anxiety, and understand the concepts of Nueroplasticity and Neurogenesis.

The ‘spiritual’ was the term given to a stem cell, for its unique giving qualities. He spoke of how the stem cells in the body, the same cells which are willing and ready to help and rejuvenate every organ and system, suddenly seem to be loosing the connection with the body and become ‘selfish’.

That selfishness becomes destructive and ‘evil’ as the loss of recognition of the needs of the cells around it. The stem cell then turns into what we generally call cancerous cell, and begins its apparently uncontrolled division, first destroying the organs and than if not stopped or somehow corrected, often rapidly, destroying the entire body.

Now as medical science is relentlessly looking for the solutions. Their extensive focus and investments in time and money seem to be geared to find the cure for cancer in the means destroying the effected ‘evil’ cells. If successful, we expect stopping this uncontrollable growth of cancerous cells, and/or slowing down their spreading through the body.

Erik is looking at cancer from a completely new, and non medical perspective. He sees a healthier mind and body achieved with special meditations, can help the recovery and be a great help to any current or medical or alternative treatment. As he believes in the incredible genius and potential within us, he also wants to look at the cancer cell as a hidden power that we all possess. Perhaps a power which has been ‘turned on’ a bit too early or simply somehow malfunctioned.

Erik encourages us to more then try and find out, what turned the spiritual cell into a selfish cell but perhaps learn how to change the ‘timing’ on that incredible power we have within us.

Erik strongly believes that this timing may even hold the secret for our immortality or at the least our inherent potential to live very long and healthy lives.

Now one of the things which I’m trying to solve first, which is easier to solve, and something which effects millions of people around the world is insomnia.
It is clear that many people who suffer from any physical illness, such as cancer also have emotional effects of high stress, anxiety, even anger, disappointment and of course fear, and the side effects of their treatment, literally can’t sleep. Sometimes years that they had little to no sleep.It would be hard to see how your body can heal, how you can have any form of normal life if one of the very basic needs such as sleep is close to non existent.

So I asked the question of what could we do now, to first bring back their sleep and of course when successful, to introduce them to what more BIM can do for them.

I found that there is a door that is open into our energy system that we can enter and speed up the energy necessary to help us sleep.

That door is open at exactly at one am. The exact time, that according to ancient traditions your gull bladder energy flows into your liver energy in your chi meridians.

Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese have discovered the meridians. Energy Channels running along the body and supplying energy to major organs and systems.

Among many emotional and physical functions they are found to be controlling your blood circulation, body temperature, sexual functions, sleep cycles, your anger your decision making, your creativity and even your drive .

Insomnia is one of the biggest problems today. The reasons are many but here you will find a very unique solution.

It was found that each of these 14 meridians has a very specific activity time. It is during these exact times where a door is opened into a generally closed system.

meridiansUsing acupuncture the ancients balanced the energy.
It is during these times that the ancient Chinese teachers would recommend to drink a special remedy to add energy to this cycle.

What Erik Valdman has found that there is another incredible way to activate and add energy to these channels. The Art of BIM (Bio-energetic Intuitive Meditation)

Erik shows how to enter these doors and strengthen your entire being.

my meditation imageTeam up with Erik Between 1:00 and 1:30 a.m. at the exact time when a according to the ancients, your Gall Bladder Meridian flows into your Liver Meridian. The Exact time when the door is open to bring back your sleep, relieve anger, indecision and frustration.