Energy Mastery [Day Twenty One]

Photo by paul morriss unsplash


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We spend about 1/3 of our life SLEEPING
and unless we get a ‘good night of sleep’
we are NOT Ourselves, to say the least…

Often, we wish to be sleeping deep, like a baby…

But do you think Children and Adults have the same purpose for sleep?

it is safe to say,
that unless we Master the Energy of the Sense of Sleep
we may never master our life

So let’s answer this question first:
Do you SLEEP to WALK? (to have a good and productive day)
or Do you WALK to SLEEP? (to have a good and rejuvenating night)

Difficulty to fall asleep, waking up through the night, not getting a rejuvenating sleep

maybe one of the biggest challenges that I have encountered in my work with people

the next few days we will spend some time on the Sense of SLEEP
as we will develop our Sense Sleep we will be also looking at Dreams:)

But before we do, we need to revisit the sense of Walking
as WALKING is the Natural Extension of Sleeping

let us Walk the Walk one more time

The Wisdom of Walking is a natural expansion of desire…

Today we will look a bit closer at the sense of WALKING
you see being SENSITIVE is having the GIFTED in SENSING
but it is not in the way of the ‘regular’ sense

that same gift may now make you feel empty and even stuck
stuck, because your higher senses translate to desires
which instead of inspiring you to be moving forward
are making you STOP and making you feel STUCK
the goal of our work together is to help us not only move
but to experience the joy of movement
there are two ways that we are moving forward in life

1. going against and away from something you do not like…

as we do, in pushing against gravity to WALK
2. is the next step, a sense of FLOW
using the power of inertia, of the developed habits
you see, we all are so used to recognize our movement
from BAD to GOOD
today, we are using the Energy Mastery,
to be able to feel the inertia, to also flow
as you will always hear nature, whispering, ‘you must be moving forward’
and if you do not, the GOOD will not be feeling good for long…
using Energy Mastery, you are expending the Vocabulary of your senses
to not only REMEMBER how sweet it feels to be moving from bad to good
but to EMBODY that SWEETNESS to it can GUIDE our DESIRE
to continue the FLOW and be INSPIRED in moving from GOOD to BETTER
even though we learn movement in moving from BAD to GOOD
and once you overcome the bad,
you must continue to be walking towards the better…

the EXPANSION of OUR SENSES during your special MEDITATIONS
to have TANGIBLE and REAL FEELING, not just a THEORY,
as you expand the vocabulary of our senses,
so you can continue moving forward, to the next levels
simply because you will now feel the need of moving forward
as it will become a part of your NEW SELF IDENTITY
and you no longer need the ‘BAD’ to push yourself from…
so first, from bad to good
next from good to better
energy mastery helps you be guided by the sweetness
of what it felt like to move from bad to good
as its now a part of your self-identity
a sense of WALKING is a sense of RENEWAL
every step is like the new moon
a new page in our book of life