Energy Mastery [Day Seven]

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash

have you ever wondered why you may be feeling so refreshed
after you take a shower?

what really happens in the shower that makes it so refreshing?

it could not just be that you are clean and your skin can now breath?

So, next time you are in the shower,
let us take an ‘Energy Mastery Shower’
it is very likely, that when you are taking a shower
your mind would tend to wonder,
today, try to keep it present on your showering experience…
to better observe the experience of the water on your skin
try to get the water to reach every single inch of your body
and experience the moment of connection with your skin

you can try it with a bit warmer water than usual
then with a bit colder water than usual
then, if you have any variations of your shower head
test them as well, at each moment being fully connected
to how the water touching your body

No other new meditations today,

please do any of the meditations
that you feel that you need to repeat
or have not had a chance to do

and if you get a chance, to meditate first
and then take a ‘energy mastery shower’

or take an ‘energy mastery shower’
and then meditate right after

have you been able to empower the cleansing
of your thoughts as you have your body?

please share your experience!!!!:)