Case Study – E-mails [Day 24]

MM Mastery Day 24 Shirley’s feedback

Hello, Erik,

Meditation Time: 8:45pm Thursday 10/05/2017 AS ONE

Tingling in both legs, watched shift to left leg only, moving up to thigh and groin.
Light tingling on skin of the neck.
Discomfort inside the throat.
Released hard, dry coughing – uncomfortable almost like choking.
Sensations in chest associated with sadness.
Both hands in clenched fist, arms bent to shoulders, tears quietly releasing & heard hitting floor.
Arms extended to the front of the body and with closed fists began moving in circles – in opposite directions of each other. Best recall: left was counter-clockwise, the right clockwise – however not certain.
Sensations in lower abdomen.
Gently held in the mind & heart a deep desire for unity connected to a light sense of shame, of not being worthy enough. Grateful to recognize.

Time passed slowly. Inspired by the challenges.

Afterwards, Phil asked if I was okay and gave me a big hug. Assured him I am okay.
Noticed feeling physically strong, colors bright, feeling content and happy to engage the day.

Meditation Time: 8:00pm

As I heard you begin to speak recognized new freedom in listening not there in the first meditation. A nice surprise.
Experienced strong changing sensations, some body movements in constant stream of motion to the end of the meditation.
Recall tingling only on the left side as meditation began.
As body weight shifted to right foot – sharp discomfort in top half of the foot.
Recall left hand moving in circles as if stirring in a pot. Think it was clockwise – not sure now.
Best recall – discomfort over the left eyebrow.
With final key – felt heavy magnetic sensations in hands and arms.
Several times felt discomfort in thumb and index finger of left hand.
Right hand – center of palm uncomfortable.

Afterwards walking upstairs & reflecting on the meditation I was surprised memory was already fading. This was best recall. Much more observed/experienced.

Time passed slowly – and was enjoyable.

Meditation Time: 10:25pm

What stood out was a pins & needle like sensations in my hands and wrists that lasted for the entire meditation – noticed the changes in intensity & movements – noticed sensations in the fingers.
Yawned several times.
Comfort being in the moment.
Noticed a throbbing deep inside the body – sensed it more on right side of chest – almost missed it.
With the final key had more freedom in the body both in sensations and movement as one.
Time was moving fast.

Afterwards feeling quiet, not much to say, feeling together and confident.

Conclusion: This was definitely an up momentum day. Noticed ease in communicating. At peace with myself. Accomplished some outdoor painting I’ve wanted to do for a few years and couldn’t find the drive or the physical strength to start yet alone complete. While painting aware of the wind and sun, my hand and how steady the brush strokes, the simple joy of who I am today as the painter. So grateful for inner growth over the years and the strength that is coming into the body. I was focused, relaxed, at peace. All felt effortless. Phil and I worked as a team.

Thank you, Shirley

Your conclusion is heartwarming:)

Please read the reply I sent to Phil

would it be ok to share both
of your reflections, as a team 🙂

I think there is something special
in the way you both reflect on the day together

Please let me know

With respect

Erik Valdman

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Hi Erik,

Meditation Time: 8:45 Thursday 10/5/2017
Started out with lots of energy in hands and wrists.
When I put my hands close to each other I could feel heat being generated.
I also feel that I have an increase in blood flow because my hands are normally cool.
I’m finding that I’m going to the floor less.
I was able to follow all the keys with very little mind chatter.
I felt I had more awareness of surroundings and what was happening.

Meditation Time: 20:00
I felt vibrations and energy from shoulders to my neck.
I went to floor half way through the keys and was moving while on my hands and knees.
I feel very strong and energized after the meditation.
I can still feel a high frequency vibration at the base of my neck.

Meditation Time: 22:25
Again I had lots of energy in hands and wrists.
I had to keep framing many thoughts.
My brain was very active this time.
Meditation went quickly.
I find myself looking forward to tomorrow and I’m really not sure why – we have nothing planned except working around the house.

Conclusion: Another up day.
We did lots of work around the house before the cold weather arrives.
Felt optimistic and had lots of energy.
Thank you.

Many Blessings


Here is MY RECORDING as an Answer to Phil that evening

Click Here for MP3

Thank you Phil

Just as the meditation Mindsets
We may want to start looking
not only at goals and achievements
but also what and how we connect moments
what and how we notice the ‘basic’ life situations…

As in a state of ‘Beyond Survival’ with
the extended practice, and embodiment
of Meditation Mindsets
we nice have the New opportunity,
the privilege to live many lives in one…

we expand our time and our rejuvenation
and growth,
by now having more
‘Touch Points’ with our inner and outer
Expressed in our everyday moments
In what we touch,
what is brought to our attention
The relationship with environment
with those we love
with those we remember
with those, we may want to forget 🙂
the inner dialog, the feeling and
the inspiration this brings to our life

so every moment, in its potential can now
‘Heal’ and potentially slow down and reverse

but not as an intention, far from it,
as a ‘natural’ awareness of the beauty in things…
as the natural inspiration to a greater meaning
and unconditional unity

hope this helps

with respect

Erik Valdman

Phil, please share this with Shirley 🙂
and can I share this email ‘entirely’ with
others, I think it could serve everyone !:)

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Good morning Erik,

Absolutely you may share it.