Beginners Luck

Jared Sluyter

Re: Meditation Mindsets [Mastery] Energy Sprints

Are you ready?

it is like the smell of fresh baked cookies for me!:)

as I’m letting my fingers do the talking…

I trust my fingers and soon you will trust yours as well!:)

I often talk about the horizontal and the vertical component in every moment
in every thought, in every word we speak, in every sacrifice,
in every decision we make
or do not make…

Once you become even slightly self-aware, you can clearly see when others
act and react from fear, from doubt, and so clearly, self-sabotage…

the solution is never in solving one challenge not found
in that one action or one decision
but found deeper, in the system code,
and seen as a general tendency, the limiting power of direction,
which slowly erodes at our gifts, and becomes us
where incredibly, and unconsciously
we begin protecting that same limiting tendency as ‘ourselves’
from there, how you see one thing, is how you see all things, and it spirals…

we now have the knowledge, the determination, the guidance
the opportunity and the energy to change that…

what is more telling, is not only the external but the internal processes
which is responding in exactly same way, each cell, each organ, each system
is empowered or depleted by the exact same inner experience, inner energy, and momentum

we are almost there…and ready to begin

I’m just sitting here and working, out the technical parts
and the order of our mindsets
(the first being: ‘Beginners Luck’ :))

we are revolutionizing the inner work
and uncovering hidden algorithms for longevity
and more

but, no true revolution was ever started
without the strong desire for change

I have been challenged just as you have and can trace each word
to my own, my family’s, my friends and my students,
past and present life experience

this is how each Mindset and this program was born, but with your help
and our common experience we can hopefully decode and even stream line
some of the most challenging questions that occupied the minds, the heart
of scholars, for centuries…

we have not yet reached a place
where we can simply be guided by a dream alone
and simply dance our way to freedom

to remind you of the ‘order of things’, when we are in a reactive state,
or Mind dictates and enforces all of the response of our body from
protective, reactive states, which disconnect all creative (growth) processes,
the higher purpose may no longer be important,
giving away their power to an old neuro pathways
experience or believe they had…

it is designed for the few moments of danger
but becomes a self-identifying day to day experience
holding back our true potential, of rejuvenation, creativity, self-discovery,
contribution, growth, and longevity,

living in a constant state of even unconscious stress forces us to find
daily justifications our aging process, and having to numb our shame and guilt
of a sense of unfulfilled purpose

we all carry the weight of our past
of our ancestors, of our fellow man

despite the clear vision,
we must still work hard on freeing ourselves
and defying common logic,

we welcome the resistance and the overcoming
of the physical kind

we all have what it takes to succeed
as the numerous unique and common obstacles to overcome

science does a good job to recognize the signals and even predict some possibilities
we are now ready to bring this all together and awaken our system from within

the challenge is, that the journey
of this self-discovery is COUNTER INTUITIVE

the journey of Meditation Mindsets [Mastery] will serve as a personal awakening as a case study for others

as a small group of inspired and dedicated people
united by the desire to go into the unknown
to discover, to embody and share
their experiences and findings

we all heard the saying :

“Be the Change that You Want to See in the World”

little that we know, that it is NOT the arriving to the goal
to merely wave the flag of victory, as sweet as it may be
it is not only showing how possible
or fast the results can be measured

but through our own unique triumphs, undeniable dedication,
inspired intention and determination, no matter what it takes

the small steps, the falls, the getting up…
our vision, our higher values…
to be present in each moment, as it is as you are
yet to be empowered by a bigger vision
while not giving away your power to the ‘outcomes’
so you are not tempted to take any shortcuts

Ah, we are coming together to continue the legacy of
ancient seekers of truth, who have paved the way for us
and helped us stand here today.

integrating their journeys, with our own,
their efforts and our resilience,
ready and able to create magic
by giving birth to this moment
inspired by both the past and the future

So today, we are taking this to the field. Actionable Results.
coming together as a group to disciple and break the code of survival
to apply in our lives and for generations to come

the first thing that we will be doing together is to understand the state of LOVE
(FLOW) Freedom and Faith that shows itself in the simplest of places,
what we often observe to be ‘Beginners Luck’

with little to no self-awareness,
every day of a child’s life is Beginners Luck
and unless there is illness, they sure defy all logic,
on how rapidly and efficiently they learn and grow

A very similar state of ‘Beginners Luck’ we experience when life
pushes us to the edge…emotional, physical, mental states of illness
hopefully force us to an NON RESISTANCE state of SHOCK

there, we either bring ourselves back and get to try again,
or the inevitable happens…’premature’ departure

in the next two months,
we will do our very best to be present,
to empower the relationship with self,
observe and record and share our findings

with respect

Erik Valdman