Are You LIVING in Your TRUTH?

she knows it is important…but how can she get there?

The first and the most important condition for
reaching for Emotional or Physical Healing, inner growth as for the ability to
be there as the needed inspiration for your self and for others is
to find yourself experiencing Your ‘TRUTH‘…

Let me explain

Your TRUTH, in this article, is an actual ‘internal condition’
which unites your ‘higher’ and your ‘lower’ consciousness
a state which allows a new quality of internal and external physical experience
awakening a ‘new’ reality of sort…

The trouble is that to be in that kind of TRUTH is never possible by simply going
through your everyday life as you always do…no mattter how talented,
knoladgeble, or experienced you may be…

If you are living a ‘normal’ life in today’s society
you need to fit in and not to offend, to look proper, to sound good,
to say the right words and to do the right things that others feel and think to be good
now you could be a contrarien, but that is not you either…

So, without even realizing it, you are quietly taking on other peoples truths as your own

It is not necessarily a bad thing, to be similar or to be different, as it helps you get along
and fit in to the ‘norms’ of society, or express your individuality…

The trouble is that you are almost never living YOUR TRUTH

So much so, that eventually, you forget who you truly are

Here you are, finding yourself anxious, overwhelmed and reactive to the most peculiar things…
and you often don’t even know why you are reacting in this way…

Your body is rebelling, your emotions are souring, your mind is aching and asking for change,
looking for Your TRUTH, but all you can do is find the different ways to ‘shut’ these signals down!

Eventualy nothing seems to help, even the awarness that you should not worrying about
all these things the way you do, you still can’t stop your stress and anxiety

So you are aware, and begin looking into different alternative methods and meditations,
but the big question is, are you finding your truth there?
Or as you have been conditioned for so many years, to put a mask on, you bring these
old habits into your meditation practice

Sure you have expectations, you fight to be still, to be quiet, to be in the posture
to clear the mind of all thought…and that fight takes away from the very core need
the most important component which could have set you free…


So you give up this practice, and begin another, surching and jumping from one promice to the next
but with exact same results…

Doesn’t anyone benefit from all these? Does anyone ever get ahead?

If you’ve read this far, you could be ready

It only takes 30 minutes and you will have a chance to hear Your TRUTH,
but not exactly in the way you may expect it to happen…

We will instantly take this conversation from the levels of our logical mind,
to the ultimate levels of your inner experience,

One thing though, please do not waste your time
and commit to following all of my instructions.

Please do not do this next practice simply out of curiosity,
as curiosity is not enough, it will not sustain you to give you the true freedom

If you do decide to take this next step, take it because you have the DESIRE,
because you are thirsty for life, eager to meet your true self
and ready to do what it takes to get there…

You will never be the same again.

Once completed this 30 minutes, please send me a note,
I want to know, how it felt? what the body did? and more…

Do share your aha moments and now that you have
dipped yourself into these waters, what would you tell a skeptic?

with respect

Erik Valdman